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Thread: RCBS Summit press, 10kg

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    RCBS Summit press, 10kg

    Anyone use the RCBS Summit press? To my mind, it's a very close contender for the Rock Chucker's crown. But like a lot of us, I think I'm fairly easily seduced by tidy-looking engineering.

    It doesn't do priming but that's no great handicap, especially if you already use a separate hand primer. It is also incredibly stable, hence needs only the two bolts to secure it to your bench. Watch out though - I left mine in position ready to be bolted down and then got distracted, digressed... ran errands etc. and forgot about it completely, apart from the odd admiring glance.

    A couple of days later I thought it was about time I rid the workshop of dirt and cobwebs, so got right down into the action, under the benches. Along I went, all good and then half way along, I reached up and grabbed... wait a minute; I know that metallic sliding sound. It's... OH S***!

    Much as I love the Summit press I don't recommend getting walloped on the head by one. I got my arm in the way to mitigate the worst of it but somehow the press opened up, nipped the underside of my arm rather badly and then bashed me on the side of the head.

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    Are you selling it?

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    lol bolted now then !!!

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    this is the for sale section.

    is this for sale, im confused, maybe it was me that got hit on the head

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    Probably here because there's no reloading related daft injury section (yet!)
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    [quote] and then bashed me on the side of the head. [quote]

    i think you need to see a doctor................. you are well out of the silly adds area.


    ps: get well soon,
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    I couldn't think of where to put this as it's both a plug for a very fine press and a cautionary tale.

    Mods? Move it if you see fit
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