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Thread: Cabinet in a different house

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    Cabinet in a different house

    Hi All,

    I'm looking to apply for my FAC very soon and will be installing a cabinet. However, we intend to move house in the next year or so and with this in mind I'd like to install it in my family home down the road. This is my folks house, they're happy with it and would not have access to the safe or keys or even know where they'd be kept.

    However, it's not my registered address, but has been in the past. I'm in Cornwall if that makes any difference.

    Is this feasible? Any advice much appreciated.

    Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere on the forum.

    Many thanks

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    Mike you are quite right similar questions have been asked on the forum several times before and while it may be possible the only guy that can really answer the question is your FEO. Why not drop him/her an email and explain exactly what you would like to do and ask how they would view it.
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    This is exactly the situation my son-in-law has been in and he is also under Devon & Cornwall.

    Knowing they would be moving -they've actually changed addresses 4 times in the past 3 years - he has his firearms, (including a couple of our joint possession rifles), under normal secure storage on his parent's farm. No issues provided, as you realise, access is restricted to the FAC holder.

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    You will find that quite a lot of people choose to keep their rifles elsewhere than their place of abode. Provided that they are secure and access to that particular firearm is only to those who have on the FAC then no issues. Look in the gunsafes of many stalking estates there will be plenty of rifles belonging to regular guests, but each rifle will have a chain and padlock around the action. In many ways storing rifles in a house that is fully occupied, is much more secure than a house where the occupants are away a lot of the time.

    There are three layers to security that an FLO considers:

    1) the neighbourhood. Is the house in a sink estate next door to a known drug dealer, or is it a niece crime free neighbourhood?

    2) the dwelling itself - is it generally secure - good windows, doors etc - ie sufficient to deter the opportunist theif etc.

    3) and finally location and type of gun cabinet.

    All you need to demonstrate is that your guns will be securely stored and that if ising a different address they will be secure.

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    Thank you for the top advice as always SD members. In response to Heym SR20 - great - the neighbourhood is fine, the house is standalone, very secure and the cabinet will be tucked well out of sight from any visitors to the house including the occupants!

    I'll bear your points in mind drop my FLO an email to explain.

    Many thanks again

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    I was moving house couple of years ago, they were happy to put my cabinets at mother in laws house. that's with Kent police.

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    Kent Police will be most supportive of any desire to install a second gun cabinet in your Mistressís house as far better this than leaving your weapon beneath her bed.


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    I was in this situation almost 2 years ago. My village lies on the Kent/Sussex border, I was on the Kent side, my Mum was about 800 yards away on the Sussex side. Kent police were fine with me putting the cabinet in her house, despite it being in a different county.

    I then moved, about 1,000 yards within the village to the Sussex side of the border. Sussex Police asked me to move the cabinet from my Mum's place to my new place as "her not being a certificate holder" caused my new FEO some concerns. I think this is nonsense, however, I wanted to move the cabinet anyway (it was one of the reasons for the move), and in all other respects the FEO from Sussex was fantastic. Actually Sussex Police FLD were very quick and responsive, so I really don't mind.

    But in essence, yes you can have your cabinet/safe somewhere else, so long as you retain control of it to your FEO's satisfaction.

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    No problem as long as your parents have no criminal records etc and the fao is happy with the security as I have mine at a different address regards Gee

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    An update for all - I emailed Devon and Cornwall's Firearms Licensing Team (

    and they got straight back to me within 24hours saying no problem at all. Great help on the forum and very happy with the response time of D&C police. Thanks all!

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