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Thread: 208gr AMAX

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    208gr AMAX

    After any quantity of 208gr AMAX.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are these hard to come by just now I am going to bee needing some soon aswell so hope not? Lol

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    I have asked a few distributors but none seem to have any in stock or sight of restock.

    if you know of any please let me know.

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    I will ask the local gun dealer in my area for u see if they have any

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    Anyone know of anywhere selling 208gr AMAX bullets that are in stock?.

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    Still in the search for some 30 cal 208gr AMAX bullets!. Anyone know if anyone has any in stock?.



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    After a lot of searching i was able to get some 208gr AMAX from LIVENS.

    from alot of searching and price checking they seem to have some very reasonable prices along with reasonable PnP charges 7 for 300 bullets!.

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