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Thread: Reloading components east anglia??

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    Reloading components east anglia??

    Hi there,
    hoping for some help from those in the know!
    just starting out reloading for .308 (and will get round to .243 when I've sorted a load for the .308) and wondering where the best place is for powder, bullets and primers. Everything else I can order if I can't source locally.

    is there a shop that has a good selection of stock of powder suitable for .308, sp bullets (150grn)?

    all the best,

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    Mike theirs a shop in Halstead that has a fair bit of reloading gear if not roding arms they are near harlow of the m11 has so much stuff every thing you could ever need ,but i use the shop in halstead he has Imr & vitt serria 150 grns sp

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    Thanks berg (is that Essex field and stream your talking about?) i know roding armoury quite well as I used to live near there so might pop on next time I'm back!

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    no feller this is at the causeway nr the old mill owned by Graeme. ring him first :
    Coach House/The Causeway, Halstead CO9 1ET
    Phone:01787 476391

    Jonathan Brown

    Essex Shooting Supplies
    Cantfield Farm
    Easthorpe, Kelvedon
    CO5 9HH

    phone: 01206 331 238
    working farm so leave a message .

    Just a bit more away down the a12 is David At leech and sons
    tues to saterday
    4A Church Rd, Boreham, Chelmsford CM3 3EF
    Phone:01245 465249
    he's a funny bugger just like his old man but its an old school shop and may have what you need

    ps spud and or Rifle craft hold stock.

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    paul o is right the causeway but so are you as he stamps my receipt with field and stream? roding arms only open thur fri sat

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    I use Roding Armoury in Abridge quite often, good selection and prices. They have a full page ad in Gunmart listing their stock.

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    Riflecraft? Never been there but I am assuming they must have a stock of reloading gear. They are across the border in Norfolk.

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