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Thread: Fl resizing advice please

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    Fl resizing advice please

    Ok to progressing on from using the Lee loader which worked faultlessly, I've finally got all the necessary parts to get the Dillon press I inherited up and running, so I figured it was about time to have a play,
    i bought a set of redding dies second hand off here to finish the package.
    I've just been trying to set up the dies to do their intended function, and just wondering if these marks on my brass are anything to worry about? The ones I'm referring to are around the neck and base of the case.
    I've been adjusting the die and watched a couple of videos on you tube about how to set them up but currently it's not quite looking right to me, I have pushed the shoulders back on a couple of cases, so they will be scrap, and I've made a couple of dummy rounds up to check they cycle in the rifle ok, and although they do, the bolt is quite stiff to close, any pointers anyone? (I have used case lube etc by the way).
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    Hi m8, if yo want to set up the die correctly what you need to do is measure a fired case with a comparator so you know the length of your chamber.
    You then set the die up to bump this around 1 to 2 thou shorter than the fired case measurement, if you want to get close with the die firstly put a shell holder in the ram and pull lever till it is all the way then screw die down to touch. Tighten the collar on the die then check you have a very light cam on the lever, in other words when the the lever is all the way down it should just touch the die in no more.

    After this put the lubed fired case through then check with comparator again to see how much bump it got, if none the die goes down a bit and if to much then it comes out a bit.

    Hope that helps you out a bit m8

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    From the picture it would appear that you have only sized about half way down the case neck and consequently only part way down the case body.
    Adjust the die until you just reach the taper on the case shoulder and try it again.


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    ? Are they tight on the up stroke ? i have dillons 550/B's and 1050 auto and have used them since the 90's they look not to have a lot of lube and are being pushed in tight showing the head/base is also getting a ring i think set die up just off the shell plate or tight less a 1/4 turn and go again that neck looks like its in pain feller or been turned think you are forcing down the arm should be pritty much force free both ways ,is the die clean if not T'cut on a .30 cal mop brush in a drill will polish it up again what dies are you using .

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    Dies are redding, dies are set to touch the shell plate then undone 1/4 turn the only force I'm exerting is on the up stroke ad the recapping pin and internal 'resizing lug' come back up........ Hmmm. Dies certainly seemed clean and hardly used but I agree it looks like part of the case and neck isn't getting resized.
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    They are also lubed on an rcbs lube pad with rcbs sizing lube....
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    Attachment 47210Just taken the die apart and checked it, run a cloth through it, reset it and tried again, this time with some different brass, same again.......
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    That case looks ok, the redding die wont go any further down the case and the neck looks ok, does the die have bushings or is it a fixed one

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    According to my book you need after releasing the shellholder to screw the die DOWN a further 1/4 turn and this therefore should give more resizing both to the neck and the body of the case at the headstamp end.

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    Those necks look like bushing marks to me.
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