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Thread: Hello from South Yorkshire

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    Hello from South Yorkshire

    Hi there, my name is Andy and I live in South Yorkshire.

    I have just left the Army (Royal Engineers) after 10 years and I am new to sport shooting. I have applied for my shotgun certificate recently (August 2014) and I'm looking forward to getting in some quality days shooting.
    Once i've gained some experience I would like to go down the FAC route and do some rifle shooting but nothing as serious as deer.

    At the moment whilst i'm waiting for SY police to get back to me and issue my certificate i'm looking into syndicates and places to shoot. If any one has any suggestions or could help out that would be appreciated. I'm not asking for permissions just a point in the right direction thats all.



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    Welcome to the site, try your luck in another forum not the introductions.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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