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Thread: yukon nv 5x60

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    yukon nv 5x60

    being on a small budget,im looking to get an nv spotter,would the above be of any use spotting to 2-300 yards with extra IR,thanks guys..

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    hi dazz, I have a bresser 5 x 50 that I use as a spotter, along with my 222 for foxing with nv scope. it works brill for me.
    the spotter is mounted on a small frame with a 5" screen ( use a hd screen about 25-30 quid on ebay, if you go for cheap the screen may constantly flash for some time, bloody annoying ) a t20 ir torch from marky 610. on some nights I can see further and sometimes less, but I would say its comfortable out to 200yds.
    hope this helps....

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    that does help mate,thankyou,not sure about a screen though,how does it attach?

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    thing is mate, with the screen you get a better visual than looking through the view finder, and eye relief.
    scanning a field is quicker. the screen goes into an output socket on the camera.

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    great ill figure it out mate,thanks again...............DAZ

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    i use a bresser too
    usually about 70-80 2nd hand in box etc

    only thing I would say is the front and rear lenses both rotate so once it is focused at a reasonable range I tape them up to stop them moving in pockets

    also stuck a piece of felt on the switch which helps me feel where it is switched too before I put it up to my eye

    quick scan and then mount the rifle, re-check target with NV, light on, pop

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    thanks bewsher,appreciated advice again................DAZ

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    I've got one of the spotters you mention.Had it a few years.I've got a laser illuminator on mine and it will pick up eye shine out to the distances you mention.The on board illuminator is not much use apart from close range so you'll need a decent add on to get the performance.The focal length is very short and is adjusted front and back which is a faff,but as someone else has said,fix it with tape.I don't myself as I like to fiddle for clarity at all ranges but it's not for everyone.In all a good unit which is effective.

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