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Thread: Flir Thermal Imager

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    Flir Thermal Imager

    Has anyone on here have any experience with Flir Thermal Imagers. If so how do they rate them.


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    I looked through one but preferred the pulsar
    atb SteveSteve

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    Totally agree with SF.

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    I have a PS24 and really like it. It's compact enough to stay on a lanyard round my neck and is great for quickly scanning fields. I can identify heat sources at a good distance with rabbits out to 200, foxes being an easy spot at 250 yards and deer at 3-400. Ok the pulsar has better resolution but also costs twice as much (at least). The limitations of the PS24 are that it is a 1x mag. Great for a rapid scan of fields but limited at distance. I think the more expensive models have a zoom facility which would be useful. I would suggest you carefully consider how and where you are going to use the camera. My spotting is seldom more than a few hundred yards so the lack of zoom is not a big problem for me. I don't rely on the TI for final identification and use the rifle mounted NV for that. Would I like a higher res picture, yes, who wouldn't but can I justify spending 2 or 3 times as much just to get a clearer picture... I'm not sure

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    Have a look at guide 510
    59hz refresh rate . Small compact & damn good
    Diverdave on here has one

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    Used 2 for my job and would highly recommend them but it all depends on what you want from them and how much you want to spend.

    The most expensive one I used was more than 30,000 but I preferred the less expensive one at 7,000 which you could identify a rabbit as far as you could see it.

    It was interchangeable between black or white heat and could penetrate any weather. The sensitivity was such that you could see the footprints of an animal that had walked by so if you had a badly hit deer you could track it using its blood trail or disturbed ground.

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    had a ps32 a great bit of kit for roe to about 400 metres great battery life nice and compact however I just upgraded to the guide 518 ec slightly larger unit doesn't last as long on batteries but fantastic optics and clear top with a detection range of 1000 metres I have some images and video shot two nights ago looking at roe if you would like to see please pm me with an email, but it all depends how much you want to spend

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    Been using a Flir LS64 for a year now as a spotter. Great bit of kit. About 3 seconds warm-up and options for white hot, black hot and white/red hot with 4 different levels of heat sensing. 1x, 2x and 4x mag, pre-set and gradual as required. Brightness control of screen. Lazer beam if required. 3 minute auto shut down with override function. Can be (and has been!!) dropped onto various surfaces from about 5/6 feet with no damage. Lightweight, fits into jacket pocket and battery has lasted me up to about 3 -4 hours intermittent use. 5V mains charger takes about 5 hours for complete charge its inbuilt lithium battery. Detects humans 3/4 of a mile. Deer up to 7/900 meters. Foxes and badgers about 5/600m. Got mine from Starlight NV. I'm out almost every night with mine and have scared off a few 'fly-tippers' when I drive up unexpectedly then switch on all lights blazing, having watched them through the LS64 starting to dump rubbish in the country lanes and farm tracks when I've been parked in a field 3/4 mile away! I use a cheap 20 windscreen mounted DVR Camera when driving about these days-just in case! Why should the farmers have to tidy up after these morons.
    I'd definately get another one if I needed to buy a Thermal camera again.

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    Depending on the model depends on if it is good or rubbish. Don't bother with the 2k one, waste of time. But the more expensive ones seem to have a good spec as you would expect, but price wise I would say there is probably better.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    i went for the guide. I tried a few and as sauer said the refresh rate of this is way better than the 9hz of the flir. If you scan an area it is like a video, it does not jump as it is refreshing like a TV. I am not a boffin on these things so i am sure someone can explain this better.

    It can see red deer at 1000mtr, roe deer at 4-500. It also sees deer that i cannot, and finds them even when my binnys cannot find them, say in undergrowth or through trees. I was out with some pro stalkers last week, who were initially quite sceptical about it. We went out and they quickly spotted deer i did not see, noting "look, one over there". I had a thermal scan and saw 4 and it took us ages to see the others, though eventually we did see bits of them.
    For the rest of the trip i did not get my hands on it, and the boys noted that is could see deer we could not, but also that it is fast, if you scan an area and cannot see them, then they are not there.

    You do need to understand what they are telling you however. I have used them in work since they came out so know them well. Basically they show differential temperatures so if you have a screen full of something very cold like the sky, then a small warm thing like a deer will not show well. Lower it and cut the sky out and then the overall differential changes and the deer will glow! They also never lie, so a hot thing in the clear fell may be a warm stone, but is probably alive.

    They work best in the mornings, when the ground is cold, in the evenings hot rocks and tree stumps can confuse the user.

    Mine has great battery life, is so small it is clipped to the binnys strap and has an output to a small screen/recorder, so everyone with me can see what is going on, so works very well for my use.

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