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Thread: Roe Bucks in the East.

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    Roe Bucks in the East.

    April going fast and May almost gone, for a.m. stalks mainly.
    If your not an early riser give us a ring or chance it for a morning booking.
    regards john.

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    This morning arrived as did Nick before light in the snow.
    We had quite a drive ahead so when he stuffed his things in my truck we set off.
    A very good frost was about and windless so stalking was going to be tough.
    We walked in and weren't long before a big buck and doe appeared to our left we closed the ground only to have about a dozen pheasants erupt in front alerting the deer to our presence.
    So I filmed the buck (very nice he was.)
    Well we carried on as those deer melted back into the wood we had just come from and I thought we may pick them up on the way back.
    So we reached my ambush point a large ride splitting a nice wood in half.
    Within 5 minutes 4 deer crossed the track at the far end. "I know where they are heading" I said "follow me".
    We quietly entered the woodland on the left and penetrated the twilight beneath the scotts pines.
    But no frost in there and a bed of needles made progress easy.
    Not long in there and another large buck this one clean and in brown antler chased a doe out and they nearly knocked poor Breeze over, and i still don't think they saw any of us.
    Then she(breeze) swung around and pointed alerting us to the progress of another deer. It was another doe about 25m's of us and gently sniffing where the other deer had run.
    There was alot of thin twigs between us and the deer and Nick was trying to find a clear way through for the bullet.
    I stopped her twice and she never presented us the shot then it was done he saw a gap fired and she went straight down with a shot which hit the back of the lungs but smashed the liver.
    So that was that and when we did our external check it was apparent she had had a broken leg which had healed and didn't seem to cause a limp.(sure it was a top strand injury)

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    seen 4 clean bucks this week, filmed these 2 this morning.

    and plenty of culls.

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    They are really good clips.

    The Roe look in excellent health.

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    now alot of mature bucks are clean though in "white" antler.

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    Out today finishing doe cull on a farm only taking yearlings now for last 3 weeks, and came accross a unicorn??

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    do you see many like that up there john?

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    seen him again tonight, without a fence in the way.

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