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Thread: Choate ultimate sniper stock

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    Choate ultimate sniper stock

    Not bothered about colour , usable condition so knocks and bumps no problem, short action prefered , not really bothered about action as its for a Tikka 595 (which I'll use as a single shot) so I'll have to fill/inlet for that action anyway.


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    I have this one. Refinished in Plasticote Sand, was bedded for a Remy 700.

    50 plus a bit of the postage.

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    I think I'm sorted with one, if it falls through I'll be in touch, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by topscots1 View Post
    is the sand stock a S/A
    Yes m8,

    But it's sold subject to funds arriving.


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    sound if it falls through drop me a message please.

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