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Thread: Stiller 7mm08 Custom RH

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    Stiller 7mm08 Custom RH

    Stiller Predator 7mm08 Custom Rifle

    • Stiller Predator Stainless RH Repeater action
    • HS Precision Bottom Metal + 1x 3 shot detachable mag
    • Jewell Trigger (Top Safety)
    • Lothar Walther 2100 contour (light varmint) barrel finished at 24'' with invisible thread cap
    • Stiller 20 MOA Rail
    • McMillan Remington McSwirly stock (Green/Black/Tan)
    • JetZ Mod 14x1 spigot.

    It will come included in the sale price, a Forster bushing bump die and a Lee die set. Also all of the Nosler Custom brass that i have (c. 150) Which are all annealed and neck turned. Just add primers, powder and bullets for a super accurate deer rig.

    All put together by Steve Kershaw in December 2010.

    Its had about 300 rounds through it. Ive not really used it for over a year now so it needs to be loved. 7mm08 is a great calibre and it shoots 120s - 150s really well and will give sub MOA with 162s. If you need someone to tell you how it shoots, ask Spud1967 and Simon West about WMS. Or Jon2 or Griff.

    It is a true sub 0.5 MOA gun in the right hands, as you would expect from a custom rig.

    The whole setup was well over 3000 new.

    OIRO 1900 including RFD-RFD.

    Pre-barrel trim. this was it at 26''

    5 shot 0.3 MOA group

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    Nice stick...the fox wasnt impressed!

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    Someone will snap this up I would think. Nice rifle at a great price.

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    hey ben,
    why are you selling? getting a new toy?

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    How do fella, just seems sacrilege to have it sat in the cabinet. I use the 6.5x284 as my go-to rifle and the .22-250 for NV so don't have a massive requirement for it.. How's life up north? I'm up there 1st 2 weeks of December on ex Tartan Flag.

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    Don't know where I will be but it would be good to catch up. I have a pal looking for a 7-08, but he was going to get his own built. I will tell him to have a look on here. Good luck with the sale, I don't think you will need it!

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    Yes would defo be good to catch up, even just for a quick brew.. Thanks for passing on the ad to your mate.

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