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Thread: trout fishery - Cardiff?

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    trout fishery - Cardiff?

    Not stalking related, but can anyone recommend a day ticket trout water within striking distance of Cardiff? Up into Monmouthshire perhaps?

    Down that way on Saturday and got some time to kill. Always enjoy fishing this time of year.


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    Shimano felindre, crynant trout fishery, canada lakes (Cardiff), Fair Oak, all these are within an hour. Canada lakes would be ideal.

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    Ive fished Cwm Hedd a few times,nice friendly place,good cafe.
    used to spend the weekend fishing the river Taff for grayling.
    if you want to do some damage on the wallet,go into Garry Evans,one of the best angling shops you'll find.

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    Cheers gents, I'll look into them. Any idea why llangdegfedd reservoir is closed?


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    Dyffryn Springs, on the edge of Cardiff, St Nicholas / Dyffryn House Area, trout and course.


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    Wouldn't bother with Llandegfedd as you have to know the water or get lucky and go the same day as stocking. Used to be a very good fishery but then they opened it up to pike fishing which for me ruined it. The fish size dropped and the price went up.

    Wentwood seems to suffer a lot with algal bloom as does Ynys-y-Fro

    Go and see Nancy and the boys at Cwm Hedd, they will look after you and you should catch some nice fish. The lake is small enough to walk around so you can walk to rising fish but for me the inlet to the left of the lodge is the best place.
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    Llandegfedd is a water which has definite hot spots and lots of places that just don't hold many fish. If you know the hotspots it can be very good but if you don't then blanks will be easy. I fished for about 25 years and never had a blank. I don't know why it would be closed right now.

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    Its closed at the moment for redevelopment work. A new visitor centre and sailing club are being built.
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    Cwm hedd website suggests it doesn't reopen until next month?


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