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Thread: Can of worms???

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    Can of worms???

    Hi all, hoping this thread doesn't become the proverbial can of worms or even Pandora 's box!!! I would like to start a discussion topic based purely on the "functionality" of rifles. By this, I am looking for members opinions about different rifle manufacturers, based on areas such as extraction and feed and so on ( not necessarily accuracy ) Which rifles offer all round performance??? Are there things that you feel let down an otherwise perfectly good rifle?? Apologies in advance.........! Jim.

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    I've tried Ruger, Remington, Tikka, PH, Mauser, Blaser, Sauer, Laklander, etc,etc,etc....

    I own 4 Sako 75's. I think that gives my opinion.
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    I've owned (in some cases several different models of each make) - Parker Hale, BSA, Ruger , Winchester, Remington, Sako, Beretta, Browning, Tikka, Chapuis, Unifrance, Marlin, Varberger and several other makes. I have also shot several other makes of rifle in various actions from bolt to full auto.
    All worked and most shot very well indeed with the right ammo. There is only one make that I would never buy again purely down to bad build quality.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    There is only one make that I would never buy again.
    Which is?

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    No doubt others will find differently and are quite satisfied with theirs even if it has required an almost entire rebuild.

    P.S. I forgot to mention that I have also owned CZ and Brno rifles too.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    No rifle is perfect, however they'll all shoot more or less.
    I have no time for some of the over engineered Euro rifles. After the 98 things seemed to have gone downhill.
    From the action alone my favourite design would be the Remington as it is simple and light weight. Out of the box the Remington also has it's weak points and needs modifications which is easier done than with most other actions. I have Sako, Tikka, Mauser, Howa and Remington rifles all modified in the same way. Favourite is the Remington, second the 1909 Mauser.

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    I have owned a variety of rifles over the years and had the opportunity to work on, test and report pretty much most available brands in the UK.

    My "go to" stalking rifles are a Remington 700 in 6.5x284, that I've added a PSE stock to and also sports Williams BDL metal and Shilen trigger and the other rifle is an Accuracy International AX in 6.5x47.

    Both have been customised by me - re-barrelled.

    I wouldn't change either - they both shoot better than I can and I know I can rely on both to work no matter what the conditions (so long as the brass in the chamber isn't wet - but that applies to any firearm)

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    Like others here , I've owned many different rifles over the years . As time goes by , I've found I tend to prefer rifles that are based on military actions or tried and true commercial ones such as Marlin , Savage and Winchester lever-guns . Gilt edged accuracy is great , but I value reliability above all . Both of my " go to " hunting rifles are of military design , A 30-06 in a Mauser 98 and a Parker - Hale built on a No 4 Mark 2 Lee Enfield . Neither of them would qualify as Match rifles , but both will keep five rounds inside about 1.5 inches at 100 yards , from -30 C to +25 C and under field conditions . This may not seem that impressive , but in my experience , it's far from common . That and the fact they are both absolutely reliable under these same conditions makes them my personal favorites . The climate I live in goes from one extreme to the other , sometimes very quickly , and these rifles were designed to work under the worst of conditions . There's nothing wrong with most commercial rifles out there , it's more a personal preference . There will be many different answers to this question , and depending on the needs and past experience of the shooter , they will all be right .


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    tikka and sako are the smoothest bolt actioon rifles that shoot great.... all other manufacturers should just quit and make chairs or something

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    My (admittedly quite limited) observations:

    Tikka T3: extremely smooth bolt (smoothest of any factory rifle I have come across); lovely trigger. Crap magazine that sometimes won't fill to capacity (especially in .222) - I think because they tried a one size fits all approach. Quite a dodgy magazine release that come come loose. Plastic bolt shroud that looks like it has a limited life expectancy. If they came with a decent mag, 24 inch barrels and a metal bolt shroud, I would never have looked beyond the T3.

    CZ455: quite a rough trigger; poor magazines with springs that seem to decay within a few years, leading to feed problems. Relatively poor action to stock fit. Despite this, as accurate as you could possibly need with a working bunny gun.

    Heym SR21: very robust, beautifully made and put together. Excellent trigger. Bolt on the newest rifles can bind until you've cycled it a few hundred times - I think because the tolerances are very fine. Once done, very smooth bolt. Appallingly designed magazine release catch - if the rest of the rifle wasn't so good, would almost be a justification not to buy. Barrel does heat up fast and shots start to wander after 3-4 shots in quick succession so it really is not a range rifle.

    Sako 75: hard to fault. Bolt has a little bit of slop in it when fully withdrawn and can bind on the forward stroke. Other than that, every other aspect seems to be spot on. Superb magazine and magazine release.

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