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Thread: kelty cache hauler?

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    kelty cache hauler?

    im just wondering if anyone knows a u.k. stockist of the kelty cache hauler or simalar i really like the look of it but trying to find anything like it in the u.k. seems to be nigh on impossible

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    They're a bit like the old 60's military framed rucksacks, with a shelf on. Funny how things go in cycles, out of fashion a few years ago but back in fashion now.

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    have a look at tatanka, they do one very similar i believe they are german, a mate just ordered one i think it worked out at around 100 with free delivery

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    Hi Sir-lamp-alot,

    I doubt that's your real name? (Joke!)

    kelty is the best choice it will provide you with years of service. If you can buy / make or already have a blood liner bag its a good idea to place the deer into it and then strap it on to the pack. I bought mine on amazon a few years back it worked out at 130 euro.


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