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Thread: Hornady interlock 150grn?

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    Hornady interlock 150grn?

    I'm just starting out reloading for .308 in a rifle that I have had quite good results with federal powershock 150grn factory ammo.

    seeking to replicate or better these results with my home loads I have sourced some hornady interlock 150grn bullets, I'd like to know a couple of things though before starting out.

    1- what terminal ballistics might I expect with these bullets compared with the fed factory rounds I've been using?

    2- the shape of the hornady bullets is slightly different to the federals, is this likely to lead to a very different level of accuracy?

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    I've used Hornandy 150 grain in my 270WCF and found them an accurate bullet. Bullet shaep won't affect accuracy but may, perhaps, affect pressure as against the same weight bullet of different shape.

    But as these are your first attempts at reloading then the usual rules apply of reduce by 5% and work up if any component differs from the starting load in the manual you are using. Shape affects pressure in two ways. Area in contact with the bore and also the distance of the ogive (rounded part) from the leed of the rifle bore. So as long as your round chambers easily and doesn't when you eject come out with rifling cuts on the ogive all should be OK.

    Terminal ballistics are what the bullet does after it has impacted. The Hornady Interlock is a simple cup and core...the "lock" is merely a cannelure and on some an internal ring or lip inside the jacket they it will perfom muchly as any other cup and core bullet. If it has a square base there will be less likely chance of lead core slippage than with a boat tail base bullet.

    If placed properly it will kill any deer that ever walked here in UK!
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    I'm assuming the federal powershock is also a simple cup and core sp bullet? Therefore terminal ballistics will not differ?

    I was a little worries that the hornady interlock might be a bit tougher, so grateful for your input above

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    I use them exclusively in several 308's I load for and my daughter's 30-06. They will stop any deer it hits if the shot is well placed. I have found the flat base more accurate than the boattail~Muir

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    Looking forward to the replies. Just purchased some as i usually use sierra gamekings in 150. they are extremely accurate, but out of stock.

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    hi I have been using 150gn Hornady interlocks, in .308W with 44gn of N140 and federal 210 primer, super accurate,

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    I have 2 boxes of interlocks with same code. The profile of the ogive is different between the boxes so that with the same seating die settino one sits deeper in the case than the other. This has not caused me any problems with accuracy pressure etc but potentially could in a different rifle. Have flattened everything I have shot with it from muntjac roe and red and a number of foxes. I have also used prohunters and gamekings in 150 all much the same out of my rifle.

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    Thanks all,
    good to hear of your experiences!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete evans View Post
    I have 2 boxes of interlocks with same code. The profile of the ogive is different between the boxes......
    This is a recurring issue. I try and get boxes from the same batch.

    pm - Knowledgebase is worth a read.

    Regards JCS

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    Attachment 47237 exit hole on a roe 150 yrds 10p size, dropped like a stone.150gr pro-hunter 45gr h4895
    you won't go wrong with a150 mike , also the geco factory stuff is a nice cheap but very good ammo i always keep a box or three just in case .

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