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Thread: 300WM 208gr AMax result

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    300WM 208gr AMax result

    Finally got round to ditching the Remington brass that came with my rifle
    Nothing against the brand but they were well used, Nickel plated and showing signs of weakness

    So I need to check previous load (N160) was OK in new shiney Norma brass and worked up from slightly below just to be sure
    Rifle has also been recrowned and screwcut, moderated and sports a new scope now too- so all change!
    (only moderated now as apparently muzzle brakes on 300WMs and foam lined percussion barrels at the range don't go together!)

    In addition I had some H1000 loads I wanted to check for OAL accuracy variance (US forums suggest that the 300WM, 208gr and H1000 combo gives the best velocity you can get....if you can get your hands on it!)

    Previously I had pretty good results with both powders with groups of around 2/3-3/4"

    Loads are:
    Norma, Fed Gold Magnum, 208gr Amax, 78gr H1000 - Arse to tip OAL 90-94mm
    Norma, Fed Gold Magnum, 208gr Amax, 69.8gr N160 - Arse to tip OAL 91.5mm

    H1000 first
    90mm - first two shots touching, 3rd 1/2" off...promising
    91mm - same as previous groups, little triangle around 3/4-1"
    92mm - stringing a little, barrel was a bit warm this time, little line about 1"-1.25" long..
    93mm - first two touching, third forms a perfect little clover leaf! all together just touching - 17mm group! chuffed!
    94mm - first two overlapping..."tried too hard" with the 3rd hoping to get even smaller! snatched it! 1/4" off. bollox!

    delighted with that even so
    (even if they are only groups of three! at 78gr a pop I am not wasting ammo to prove a statistical point!)

    Was running out of time and rightly or wrongly I decided to avoid going through a whole range of lower loads and try the ones just below the previous known load (which is way off max anyway).

    69.6gr - perfect little clover leaf slightly smaller than the H1000 and 1/2" higher on the same zero! doubly happy with that - 15.5mm group
    69.8gr - first shot in same zone on S'n'C target, second shot appeared to be 3"left...gutting, 3rd shot right next to the first, touching the hole.
    scratching my head as to what I did with the 2nd.
    Walks up to the target to find shots 1 and 2 in the same hole!! I was looking at a screw head for 2nd shot! - 16mm group
    significantly smaller than the same load, same length in Rem brass.

    very happy
    not only is it the best set of groups I have ever loaded and shot in a proper calibre I have almost identical POI for two different powders
    (H1000 is apparently doing roughly around 2850fps and N160 around 2700fps from the load data
    unlikely to be a massive difference at range, but more shooting at extended range to be done next week)

    All done with Neck sized and crimped brass in Lee dies
    Powder scooped and/or weighed on a cheapy Hornady electronic scale
    OAL measured with 8 Aldi digital calipers
    Shot off the roof of my car with a home made front sand bag!

    Also wanted to take the opportunity to actually see what the recoil looks like so videoed it
    Surprisingly little movement, have always maintained its not as bad as people make out, its no .22lr but very tolerable
    A lot noisier on camera than I feel it is in the flesh ...but it is far from quiet!

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    Hi Bewsher.

    correct me if I'm wrong but, ur groups are better than you think, the measurement should be centre to centre or out side to inside.

    so good going.


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    they seem like quite mild loads ? 2600fps is possible with the 208 amax from a 308 case . I'd be expecting 2900-3000 if I was running a 300wm with that bullet ?

    I run a 300rum at 3200 fps with that same bullet
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    yes foggy , overall spread less bullet diameter gives centre to centre groups
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackb View Post
    they seem like quite mild loads ? 2600fps is possible with the 208 amax from a 308 case . I'd be expecting 2900-3000 if I was running a 300wm with that bullet ?

    I run a 300rum at 3200 fps with that same bullet
    Not chrono readings but

    going off the Viht and Hodgson data
    Products - Lapua

    no 208gr data but 70gr N160 is doing 2700fps according to the above

    Actually the Hodgson data is a bit better than I remembered- 78.0C
    2,869fps 60,200 PS
    its not compressed either!

    you would have to be seriously pushing a 308 with a monster barrel to get 2600 from a 208gr from what I can see

    The RUM is a beast agreed
    are those chrono'd speeds?
    what load is that?

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    I was shocked too when I saw the data for the 208 in the little old 308 case ! a quick google will turn up plenty of info for you !

    that's a chrono'd speed from my rum , 27" barrel , I had it built to shoot long range with when 338's were banned on gallery ranges because some pongo launched one off the safety template !

    I use retumbo by the way
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    MY 165 grain nosler load for the 308 is going 2650 fps.... with Vhit N140. ( Sako 85 with 20 inch barrel)

    And my 180 grain nosler Accubonds in a 300 WSM are just a tad over 3000 fps with Vhit N550. ( Kimber 24 inch barrel)

    Both have been over the Chrono with the average taken.
    Last edited by foggy; 24-09-2014 at 14:46. Reason: Additional info and spelling.

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    73 gr of Alliant rl 22 gives me 2900 out of a 24" barrel with 208 amax .

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    Not one for chasing mv but now I am intrigued
    who wants to lend me a chrony!!?

    Mines about an inch shorter than stock I reckon

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    great write up,

    80gr of Ramshot Magnum will launch the 208gr at 2900fps. With scope to go faster if your after speed.

    achieving .3 MOA amazingly accurate.

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