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Thread: Anschutz .22lr L/H

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    Anschutz .22lr L/H

    Anschutz .22Lr model XlV thumbhole L/H , stock finished in carbon fibre by Hydrographics, 10 shot mag in excellent condition 450 or complete with carbon fibre finish MTC Genesis 675
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    Bump for a little beauty

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    Nice looking outfit, being a lefty I wish I had my variation through

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    Any lefties out there

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    Yep. Very nice set up. I've a 1416 in left hand flavour and can vouch for the Annie. Surprised you've had no interest.


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    very interested but as your finding out , getting ever harder to shift rifles for what they are worth. if my .223 sell before yours i will take it !!

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    Surely someone for this little cracker ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7-08Ai View Post
    Any lefties out there
    Yes indeed .... but too fancy for me. I like to struggle with basic products.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Will do complete package for 550 collected or + carriage/ RFD fee's No Offers
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