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Thread: 4stable sticks

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    4stable sticks

    Just interested to know if anyone has tried these quad sticks.

    They are french made and they do two main types the Bush sticks (4 sections) and Mountain (8 sections) ,as you can see they are not cheap at 149 and 239 resp.
    I know that you can make your own for a fraction of the cost etc. Just interested to know if anyone has any first hand experience with these ones.

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    Yes, I'm pretty sure I used them when stalking with a french ph in Mauritius (I've already posted about them from memory).

    The ones I used were light as a feather, carbon fibre I think, but rock solid stable.

    I thought they were more expensive than that from my Internet research when I came back from my trip.

    Hope that helps.


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    according to the site they are made from"-Materials : aluminium 6060T6 nylon reinforced fibre glass" the bush sticks are 820g and the mountain are 550g.

    There are a few youtube clips too, thinking I might give the bush version a try .

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    Mine are aluminium and are green polymer plastic coating handmade quad sticks stainless bolts and soft rubber tops locking strap for travel or to convert to a standing bipod or bino rest .
    As to the cost if you lads are willing to pay that price well i can't tell you as you may think i am taking the pee!!! i also have a kneeling set of quad stick for sitting with my back against a tree or other half the price of my tall ones.

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    I have a set of the early production run. They are light, but I have found over time that the plastic tips come off the ends. The sticks have a metallic ping to them which (unlike wood) causes roe heads to pop up from 100m!! However, on my sticks, you can adjust the height by pushing in the buttons and sliding the aluminium tubes to a different hole - all well and good....until the wind blows, then the damn thing whistles like a flute!!

    I was given my set to test - I certainly wouldn't buy a set. Three bits of good hardwood dowel and a strip of inner tube, put together 'African style' are just as effective and an awful lot cheaper.

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    I make a set of these in 12mm aluminium. Cost about 20 quid with some Camo tape of the bay.
    Atb Steve

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    Like Steve i made mine but used b&Q plastic covered aluminium canes, I am into my sixth season with them and still going strong, cost about 15 quid
    cheers Geoff

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    The only advantage I see of these 4stablesticks over home made ones, is that the "Mountain" version is adjustable in height for taking kneeling shots, and that both versions (Mountain and Bush) are collapsable for travelling.
    I have made my own sets of quadpods of different heights, from 10 mm diameter carbon fiber rods coated with shrink sleeve, very light and silent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geoffrey View Post
    Like Steve i made mine but used b&Q plastic covered aluminium canes, I am into my sixth season with them and still going strong, cost about 15 quid
    cheers Geoff
    this is what ive done too

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