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Thread: good day everyone

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    good day everyone

    hi to everyone on the site' my name is jaime. been looking on here for abit on and off. and guessed i would join as it seams like a good site.

    i havent shot any deer yet but have permission now for muntjac and roe. and ive heard there are bigger deer on the land poss sika and maybe even red deer. due to it bordering a deer park next to the shoot me and my friend go over..

    last year they had a break out and the farmer swear's that there are bigger deer then roe and muntjac over there but i have yet to see them

    most of my shooting is fox and rabbit control but really hope to get a couple of muntjac this year also. at current i only have the 22/250 and share a 222 on my ticket to with my dad and a 22lr.

    i will alos have slot for 6mm once my ticket is back. but am happy with the 22/250 at the moment for fox and muntjac as im not really into the deer side of things in the moment.

    it will more then likely be the odd deer as and when the farmer wants them controled.
    which wont be to long away i hope due to there being a hell of a lot of muntjac on the farm and surrounding land which we have permission on also.

    atb jamie

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    Welcome to the site Jamie

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