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Thread: Bricking it!

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    Bricking it!

    Well right now I am well and truly "bricking it"! I've been awake all night with silly/worrying thoughts going through my head.
    I have been quite ill recently and have been in and out of hospital for the last 3 months, twice rushed in after collapsing with serious chest pains. I have had all sorts of tests and scans and have been told that I have to have either a couple of stents or a heart by-pass and have been booked in for an angiogram on the 1st of October to decide which.
    However I got a phone call yesterday telling me that my Cardiac Consultant had "fast tracked" me and I must be in hospital this morning. No explanation as to why the sudden rush, just that I had to go in this morning. I don't know if this is just a "numbers game" where they have to see a certain number of patients each month or if they have to do so many proceedures each month or if they have found something that needs more urgent treatment.
    The mind can do some silly things at times and bring all sorts of scenarios into your head when faced with this so let's hope that things are not as serious as some of the stupid thoughts that have been going round in my head all night, but right at this time and moment I don't mind admitting that I am quite worried!
    Oh well, that's me off for a quick shower and change ready to leave for the hospital.
    Wish me luck please!

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    Good Luck Frenchieboy, don't worry to much, they will fix you like new.


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    Good luck Frenchieboy.


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    Good Luck I hope it's nothing serious

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    good luck buddy im sure i can say that the forum will be thinking off you today
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    technology is fantastic these days, stents or bypass - just another day at the office for them and, a walk in the park for you

    Good luck


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    Frenchieboy, don't worry the 'heart wizards' are fantastic these days.
    My boy had chest pains on Sunday night, the chopper came and decided it wasn't neccessary so he was taken to the local hospital by ambulance.
    Before he got there his heart stopped for four minutes but the paramedics were so good they got him going again and then it was decided he had to go to the main hospital in Southampton, quite some distance from here.
    All this travelling time he was 'plugged in' and being watched over by paramedics, they are fantastic, eventually he was stabilised and Monday morning he had three stents put in.
    I collected him yesterday, so from serious on Sunday night to OK all within a couple of days, how fantastic is that.
    So there you are Frenchieboy, you can worry, that's only natural, but once in the hands of these 'heart wizards' all will be sorted.

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    chill it will make you feel ill even more you are awake anyway for most but the worst Heart surgery, stents and electrics you are awake and can have a good chin wag. they are masters at this stuff now days.

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    Good luck, I'm sure it will be fine


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