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Thread: Reloading kit

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    Reloading kit

    My mate has given up reloading so I have bought all his kit. I will replace some of mine and sell the rest. So this is the start:
    Lyman rock crusher 2 press, 18 months old 115 delivered.
    Hornady Lock-N-Load powder dispenser 250 new,never been out of box 175 delivered. SOLD
    RCBS bench primer 60 SOLD
    Cheers Steve
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    RCBS Bench Primer, if that's 60 posted I will take it please. I can do Bank Transfer if that suits, just PM me your details

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    Bench. Primer sold to Mutley.
    Cheers Steve

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    Payment made, Cheers

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    Powder dispenser sold to Stalker.308
    cheers Steve

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    Only the Rockcrusher press left, so reduced to 105 posted ,I think it was 160 new And it's had little use,so a bargain at 105 posted.
    Cheers Steve.

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    RCBS Bench Primer - Thanks Steve, brilliant service, arrived this morning and as good as new, top Fella to deal with.

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