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Thread: Looking for day Oxfordshire

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    Looking for day Oxfordshire

    Hello all i am looking to book a day or two Roe stalking late July in Oxfordshire area. Any recommendations would be gratefully received. Thanks p.s willing to travel around 1.5 hrs in radius around Oxford

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    you could try KevinF he is within your parameters

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    Second that... About 30 minutes from Oxford... Offers a great service that I have personally experienced...

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    An alternative could be Cervus UK I stalked with them some years ago on the Stoner and Nettlebed estates just outside Henly on Thames and was very impressed. Lots of beasts about and a very professional setup.
    Ps I have no connection even though my site name is similar

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    May be able to help have land in the Cotswolds - in the stow on the wold area.

    Send me pm to discuss



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