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Thread: kindle book

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    kindle book

    I'm on holiday and have proper interweb for the first time in ages so I'm catching up with stuff.

    I just found one of my favourite books on Kindle for 1.98.

    A rifleman went to war by Herbert McBride.

    Anyone got any other recommendations?

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    hunt for red october ,the book is superior to the great filum.Fluke ,james herbert thought provoking reading.War Horse the true story is a great read and in the same vein Lost Voices Of The Great War humbling read.atb

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    Tears in tripoli. By Paul A. Rice. Also, hunters, and dangerous games, by same author.
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    One flew over the cuckoo's nest.
    If the film is good the book is a minor modern masterpiece. Terrific writing.

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    I've just read both the biography and the sporting diaries of Dare Wilson, who died a few weeks ago, which are fascinating.

    Men of Steel is a story of injuries and surgery during the Napoleonic wars. Both horrifying and inspiring in equal measure.

    John Newton, by Jonathan Aitken, is the story of the reformed slave trader who wrote the most inspiring hymn ever, Amazing Grace.

    Lost over Laos is a tragic story from the Vietnam War of the search for two of the most iconic war photographers who died in a helicopter crash and laid undiscovered for decades..

    The Steel Bonnets, by George McDonald-Fraser, the eponymous story of the Border Reivers.

    Perfume, by Patrick Suskind, is one of the best novels I've ever read.
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    First Light about Geoff Wellums, WWII spitfire pilot.

    Less than 5 for you, but 20 for me ( prices it differently than

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    Have a search for the free books. You won't get the likes of the big thriller writers such as Lee Child, James Patterson or Harlan Coben's latest, so it's a bit of a lottery, but for the price, download a handful that you like the look of and you'll find most are good. There's nothing to lose.

    If there's any classics that you read at school or whenever, that you want to revisit, they're often free, or nearly. An example being Bram Stoker's Dracula and many of Charles Dicken's books (a great observer of Victorian society whose relevance still resonates today). As for thrillers like the above authors, go for the books that are a year or two old and you'll get them for a couple of quid.

    Often, newly released books in Kindle format are more expensive than an actual book, for tax reasons I believe. If you like military type reading, something a little different is "Rifles: Six Years With Wellington's Legendary Sharpshooters." It tells the story of the first rifled firearms in the British army from formation through the Peninsula wars. Sort of an earlier British Band Of Brothers. It's around a fiver as I recall but worth it.

    The only other things I'd say is get a few books, you aren't restricted by the weight of them, so rather too many than not enough. And have a bit of variety.

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    I picked up "Chris Ryan, the one that got away" in the WRVS at hospital last week. It's a book I have wanted to read since I first read Bravo Two Zero years ago. It's the first book I have read in ages cover to cover in a sitting, ignoring everyone and anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glyn 1 View Post
    I'm on holiday and have proper interweb for the first time in ages so I'm catching up with stuff.

    I just found one of my favourite books on Kindle for 1.98.

    A rifleman went to war by Herbert McBride.

    Anyone got any other recommendations?
    I downloaded a copy at the time of your post, and then forgot about it.
    I found it the other day and have just finished reading it, a good read and thoroughly enjoyed it


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    The Chinaman by Stephen Leather. Vietcong take on IRA, a great story

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