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Thread: Lets See Your Sauer 90 Please

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    Lets See Your Sauer 90 Please

    A little self-gratifying I acknowledge but Iím genuinely interested to see the quality of wood used and the variety of scope mounting arrangements. Also hope to see one or to stutzens as I still wish I had gone for one when acquiring mine.

    Will try and digout a beter picture on mine than below.



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    Not that many came into the USA. Colt imported them under their name, and they are super nice. Very few, if any, were carbines, all just big rifles. They still bring a good price on the used market.

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    There is a Sauer 90 Stutzen on Guntrader at the moment, quite a rare beast:

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    Not the nicest of wood but certainly in the right calibre!

    The mounts are at least £250 of the price if part of sale.


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    For your collection of Sauer 90 pictures, there's a 308 stutzen for sale on this forum at present by Webley Boy:

    plus Gavin Gardiner has one in 7x64 in their next sale:

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