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Thread: Rangefinders ??? How good and how much ?

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    Question Rangefinders ??? How good and how much ?


    Like most of the equipment we use the range is enormous !!! From around 100ish to loads of money, very well known exepensive brands to the lesser known cheaper makes, many and various extra functions to a simple straight line lazer rangefinder.

    BUT - what do you really need for deer stalking or highseat work ???

    Any advice gratefully received.

    Cheers + ATVB


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    I use the Leupold rx750 which also gives ballistic information but i normally only use as rangefinder, to be honest i dont use it anywhere near as much as i thought i would as i was quite surprised at how accurate my guesses were up to about 150m. But i does seem well made and so far had no problems with it.

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    Why do you feel the need for a rangefinder not being cheeky but I think we should all learn to read range without any help,as has just been said you can learn with practice I know that after 200yds it gets harder but with deer stalking its about getting close you really can not get close enough,long shots are for open hill ect but even then anything over 200yds not for me as for the rangefinder put the xtra into a good pair of binos just my 2cents worth good luck and safe huntin whatever you decide

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    You are not entirely wrong and I do partly wonder myself. I tend to limit myself to around 200 yards max anyway and for that range and with my zero it is just aim straight on.

    But still interested in peoples view on rangefinders and not whether or not they are required.

    Cheers + ATVB


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    Not disagreeing with all comments above..

    I recon their a great piece of equipment and a worthwhile investment..

    Great for taking the guestimation away by using known distances to obvious landmarks from highseats

    When walking out to find deer in thick cover can also be used to triangulate or measure back to highseat..

    Last BDS event i attended there was a suprising diference in distances submitted in the distance competition

    lrf900 is a reasonable buy secondhand

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    My two pen'th.

    I have a second-hand Leica rangefinder that I bought from a member on this site .

    To be honest, I'd always fancied one (as I've said elsewhere, I'm a saddo when it comes to gadgets). It's a lovely piece of kit and I get great fun testing my ranging skills against what the laser says.

    However, most of my stalking is down South, where I think there is little practical reason for using a rangefinder. Where I have used it has been the following:

    1. from high-seats, identifying the ranges to known landmarks for future reference
    2. once, with a roe buck that was the other side of a field (225 yards)

    By contrast, when stalking in Scotland I've found the rangefinder very useful, where the lack of recognisable landmarks makes rangefinding that much more difficult (at least to me ).

    If I was starting again, I'd can the separate binos and rangefinder and go with a single unit. Yes, I've seen the Geovids for sale in the Classified section


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    Rangefinders like everything else are a tool that can be used to give you a greater advantage when stalking. I have used them when uncertain when a highly accurate shot is required, right down to locating deer from 1000yds and ranging the features that will best give you the best chance of a shot. When looking at deer from 600 yards, and the terrain is difficult to stalk (flat or very open), you know that you need to look for a vantage point 400yards from your current point.

    They are for some people and not for others.

    I have used Leupold, and would never purchase a set again, good features but not very accurate. The model I had also did not light up in dull conditions, so crap in a woodland when dusk is coming and crap for foxing.

    I then got some Swarovski's, they were poor, in broad daylight the range indicator could not be read, so no use to anyone really. After looking on the internet I then found out that this was a recurring problem.

    I now have a set of Leica's and as far as I am concerned, they are faultless. They are also a very compact size for fitting into a shirt pocket.

    Hope this helps,


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    For regular highseat work I'd be tempted simply to place distance markers as a means of assistance.

    I can think of few, if any, instances when I felt that a woodland shot would have benefited from having a rangefinder. On the other hand, when faced with deer grazing in the middle of rolling acres of plough I have often wished I had one with me. My inclination when faced with a possible shot but unsure of the range is to simply ask myself whether or not the beast looks big enough in the 'scope to give me confidence. I have crawled in on deer over stubble and found that simply pausing and checking the potential sight picture (not just a general glassing) is usually sufficient to confirm whether or not the shot is on.

    Then again, I too am a sucker for gadgets and will probably end up adding yet another piece of clobber to my kit as and when the necessary funds become available! If it helps in improving the shot, it has to be a good thing.

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    I went through this a while ago and I think it was IanF off this site that gave me some advice about how useful rangefinders can be for ranging some fixed landmarks from a highseat to give some points of reference. I bought a Bushnell Scout 1000 with the idea that I would use it to improve my range estimation and then put it back on ebay as they do good money on there. I know it isn't the best unit on earth but it wasn't expensive and I really never need it to work over about 300 yards, to me everything beyond that is "way out there." However, so far it has stayed in my stalking kit and I've found it most useful in both improving my range estimation and also for pinging fixed land marks.

    I have noticed how dead ground, different light and even trees lining a ride can really throw my estimations of range and I have my doubts about people who claim to be able to estimate the range accurately. What I have found is that I've got to a stage where most of my estimates are pretty accurate and might even impress the casual observer but the occasional one is utter rubbish and I'm given to suspect that even the best might be prone to making similar errors if less frequently. With the range finder I get a feel for the distances on the ground and also have confidence in my shot. I'm zeroed at 200 and that is the maximum distance I would take a shot at but my 308 drops a fair bit between 200 and 250 yards and I wouldn't like to say that 100% of the time I could determine the difference between the two distances without the laser.

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    I have used a Bushnell 400 for years, mainly with the rim fire. I went mad in Oct and purchased a pair of Leica 10x42 Geovids, 1,500 but worth every penny. As far as shooting goes indispesable bit of kit.

    Work both day and night, and if you do any long range shooting, I would say essential.

    Has actually been a revelation and feel totally confident taking foxes out to 300yds with no problems.

    You need to have a good idea of your rifles ballistic curve to make the best use, either aiming high/low or dialing, what ever you find comfortable.


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