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Thread: Swarovski SLC 7X50

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    Swarovski SLC 7X50

    I had the opportunity to get my hands on a lovely pair of second hand Swarovski SLC 7x50 binos and was very impressed. Always had 8 x 40 and 10 x 40 lower to mind range bins and although the these were noticeably bigger they felt great and the image quality was brilliant. I wondered how I ever manage to see anything.
    My question is does anyone use 7 X 50's regularly and how do you find them when stalking. The price seemed very good but I don't want to get cheesed off with the size.

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    I use these for everything, and think they are a great all-round glass. My other preferred option would be 8.5x42, but I would just as soon have the SLC 7x50, just a great light gatherer.

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    Be honest if it had an 8x50 sticker you would be perfectly happy. Both my slcs are fine and I am not sure of the mag without checking. Get them bought or pm me the price and the seller and I might buy them. Slcs are fine binoculars.

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    I used to use a pair of 7x50 SLC's, but sold them on when I got the chance to "down size" to 7x42, also SLC's.
    Of course, bei g Swaro, the low light performance is still good.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Used 7x42 slc's for years, brilliant don't see any point in upgrading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duncan View Post
    Used 7x42 slc's for years, brilliant don't see any point in upgrading.
    i think you would have difficulty finding anything that would constitute an upgrade.

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    I to have 7x42 slcs and they are my prefured model. Great focal length, so not constantly adjusting the focus, fully rubber armoured as well. Saves any dings whilst climbing in and out of highseats. Top draw bins IMO
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