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Thread: torn between.

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    torn between.

    im torn between pretty and practical.

    in an ideal world i would have a 308 with synthetic stock and possibly stainless barrel as a work horse all weather rifle and a 6.5 x 55 stutzen for pleasant summer evenings and just because i reckon this would be a lovely rifle calibre combination.

    this world being far from ideal i cant have both. so following on from rake aboots thread on lighter rifles im after a rifle for lowland / woodland stalking of fallow in the south east. i go stalking maybe 20 times a year and take maybe 5 - 6 deer in this time.

    do i go with my heart and have the one ive always wanted the 6.5 stutzen or do i go with my head and get practical and not have to worry about the rifle if im caught in a monsoon.

    is a 6.5 stutzen as capable as a synthetic stainless 308.
    oh and a light rifle would be a bonus

    regards pete.

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    Personally I'd go with my heart otherwise you'll get the practical one and always think if the nice one and eventually get it anyway!

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    I recently had a similar dilemma! I love the look of a classic wood stocked rifle. I looked at a superb looking wooden stocked Heym in the shop but realised I would be out with it in any weather on the hill here in Scotland and even crawling to get into position. So I decided I needed to be practical. Ended up with a Sako 75 stainless synthetic and for me it was the right decision. I can only have one stalking rifle and so my decision once I saw the rifle was very clear. Now saying that.... it is possible to use a blued steel/ wooden stocked rifle to stalk in all weather, they just need a bit more care. Scratches some say build character and remind you of the adventures you had! If you mainly shoot down south it is possible to go with what you want, I would advise to just pay attention to maintaining the rifle. I think you do at the end of the day have to go with what you want and also what feels right in the hand when actually shooting. Dont buy something you dont really want. As for caliber.... both are fine cartridges and I am not going to light a fire by suggesting one over the other. Try them both in different rifles. Dont know if I have helped or further confused...

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    now thoroughly confused . i know what your saying about going with your heart. i like the looks and feel of wood and a classic stalking rifle. i stalk with a parker hale 1100 light weight. its a pretty rifle and in fantastic condition for its age but not so light weight and compared to my recently purchased weihrauch .22 hornet it groups like a shotgun. since i have this hornet i thought that would be my fancy rifle and i could swap the ph for a synthetic stainless job but the stutzen is calling me from afar.
    a friend i stalk with has a 6.5 x 55 sako 75. it is a joy to shoot even without a mod which is why i would have a stutzen in 6.5. but would i use a synthetic stainless more ? i just dont know.

    this might be dangerous teritory but would a synthetic stock be more accurate than a stutzen. i realise after repeated shots then the synthetic has the advantage but unless on the range i am lucky to even fire it. three stalks so far this month and nothing so far

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    Your heart/soul brought you to stalking so why deny it the fullest of nourishment??


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    Presuming the rifles are both of good quality, accuracy won't be and issue and both will take deer all day long.

    Personally i'd go for the stutzen if going in moderated is no problem. It'll do everything you need and look pretty doing it.
    A rifle isn't like buying a boiler, you don't buy the best and bugger to the looks. You buy a rifle like you'd buy a car (if you like cars), it has to fill all your needs but also look good on your driveway.
    Unless you stalk for a living, you can afford a bit of pretty and maintain it a little more

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    I think you are thinking and mulling this over at length, looking at the benefits of each. Reading between the lines however it appears to me that you will spend a lot of brain power coming to the conclusion that you want the Stutzen. They are lightweight, pointable and are plenty accurate for the job at hand so if thats what you want I think you would be disappointed with anything else. So find a nice rifle and buy it...job done!

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    Its not the rifle that is's the person holding it

    wood or placcy
    stainless or blue
    30 or 6.5....

    Stainless still rusts
    deer still run when hit by 308's
    people still miss with 5000 worth of gear

    get one that you like, fits and shoots

    Not a fan of stutzens personally,
    nice blue wood classic, no mod, decent classic scope, nice sling, get the stock fit fettled,

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    ok im saving hard. so which stutzen is it. i quite fancy a manlicher. would be happy with 7 x 57 also for a little more punch

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    the lower weihrauch suits ne just fine the parker hale above is a bit of a wand when the mod is added. if weihrauch made a 6.5 or 308 then no other rifle would be thought about
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    The Sako Forrester was a nice one. Havnt looked at any others to be honest. I havnt seen too many in the gunshops here. Perhaps best to look at as many as you can and see how they feel...... then look at the condition/caliber to see if its acceptable. Agree with Bewsher500's advice.

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