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Thread: OCD and the FAC

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    OCD and the FAC

    A friend of mines father has been diagnosed with OCD (He's a hoarder, he can't throw ANYTHING away) and he is now worried that it might affect his FAC and his SC. Any ideas on this? I told my friend I would check online but there isn't that much info about it. The local council have ordered him to clear his front property (If he is forced to clear his ground I have my eye on an ex-RAF Series iii 109 land rover he has) and have set a certain time to meet this order.. Has anybody come across this one before? It is a genuine disorder but there really isn't anything wrong with him except for the hoarding. Any input is appreciated.

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    Is it not just the opposite of being a clean freak ?

    I couldnt comment on the implications as regards the Certs but i wouldnt have thaught it would be too much of a problem but who nows

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    basically you're right, but he is still worried. I had a long chat with him tonight and he is funny, bright, and would do anything to help a friend. He takes his firearms seriously and is worried what this could do. On the plus side he is giving me permission letters for pigeon/corvid and rabbits on his property. I just hate seeing him suffer from the worry. I might call my barrister and have him poke around the law books for me.

  4. #4 While I can't see him being classed as a 'Danger' to anybody, I would have thought a chat with his Doctor, shooting association and F.E.O. might be be the best course of action, at the end of the day, it's those three that will make/affect any decisions regarding his tickets

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    The essence of the test rests on being considered a danger to public peace or safety. If he simply is what some people would call eccentric and keeps everything then that would not in itself constitute a danger to public safety. I knew an RFD who kept everything on a small holding he had and was similar to what you have described. I dont think it would be an issue.

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    He will probably take up reloading and be very good at it.

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    He is selling his reloading gear to me, if he can bear to part with it. I think "eccentric" is a perfect description. His daughter and i are going to sit down with him and have a long chat, we are going to go with him if he needs to speak to anybody and just take it one step at a time.

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    I've known a RFD who wouldn't throw anything away. So should be OK I would have thought. Tom

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    Dont tell anyone anything they dont need to know, especially not your FEO you will only put ideas into your licensing authorities head, who may then decide off their own backs that you are not fit to have a FAC.
    I am sure that if your GP thinks you may not be safe around firearms he would notify the police who will then open their own investigation.


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    Heck, it isn't me, but we aren't going to mention it to the FEO, the less they the better. Just want to get him squared away. Hell, he even had a WW II Willys Jeep hidden in the back garden.

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