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Thread: 6.5x47-260

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    Evening chaps

    ive not posted much on here but must start doing as I'm keen to get into deer shooting, I've got a 6br at the minute. I've gained ground with fallow on and fancy something with a bit more bite. The 260 and 6.5x47 have caught my eye, what do you chaps think ?

    any help would be good help

    the rifle would be used for fox, munty ect as well

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    Gazbr of ukvarminting fame? I enjoy your posts on there. Look forward to some deer related ones!


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    I am very happily biased towards the 260. I am led to believe that the 6.5x47 is inherently more accurate than a 260, but experience shows me that the 260 is very 'adequate' and will shoot 100 gn to 130 gn bullets thru a 1:9 twist barrel. Hence anything from fox to Fallow/Sika will not argue.

    Im sure there will be enthusiasts for either calibre here, so good luck with whichever you decide upon.

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    Launch a decent 120-130gr bullet from either and no deer will ever know the difference.

    Just find a rifle you like in either calibre.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    They are both very good calibres, can I throw in 6.5x55 and 6.5-284?
    Deer won't know what hit them with any of the 6.5 calibres!
    Buy/build and enjoy shooting!!

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    My 2 p worth having reloaded for both - as Claret D says given the right bullet choice both will do what you want. The 47 has the edge on accuracy but the downside as a reloader is that the brass is expensive ( >100 per 100) and dies are also more expensive. Personally I think there is little difference between the 260 and the 6.5 x 55 - but then, you are not asking about the 6.5! In your shoes and on the basis that money is not a consideration I would have to plumb for the 47 it will put a smile on your face when shooting it. I shoot 6.5 x 55 but was reluctant to hand over the 47 to the client.

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    I'll bet a million euro that its impossible to notice any accuracy difference between the two calibres in identical rifles ! I have a 260rem and my buddy has a 6.5x47 and there is absolutely no real difference....the 260 has a bit more velocity with heavier bullets (139gr.+). I dont like "home" made semi custom (garage) rifle and prefer quality factory rifles so 260 is easier to find ! I just love my Sako 85 varmint lam. 260rem and its super accurate.
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    As everyone has stated, whether it be 6.5x47, .260 or 6.5 Creedmoor; they're ballistically almost identical and a deer won't know the difference. I'd recommend looking at these cartridges based on ammo/brass availability and cost rather than accuracy or popularity.

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