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    just a short introduction my name is kev i live in north staffordshire bordering the peake district i currently shoot on about 2.000 acres of farm land vermin and game also a small amount of red deer whitch are spreading my way all the time i also have been stalking at booth ends of the country ie sutherland dorset cambridge and also done some work for maff or defra as it is now and when funds allow will be looking for some boar stalking butt it will have to be in this country because i dont posses a passport anybody got any contact details for latter this year i would be interested thanks also would be interested in some stalking in cambridge area at right money i have been deer stalking for approx 14 years and hold a shoot and gralloch cert from the sika deer unit thanks kev

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    hi rap where in north staffs are you their are a few of us stokies on here

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    welcome to the site rap, you sound like you live close to me. hey eka dont be including me as one of the pot erbs

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    i will let you off then. at this rate we will have to have a staffs meet up.

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    thanks for the welcome eka am new to this computer lark only learned since been out of work for the past 7 months accdent at work on my arm so not been doing much shooting latley butt on the mend unfortunetly may have to sell my favorate rifle .270 as its a bit to hard hitting on my sholder after my accident if you no wat i mean i also shoot whith a 243 tikka t3 light hunter .22.250 remengton .22 hornet and 22rimfire if you no anybody interested in a deccent 270 drop me a line thanks by the way i live in badderly green thanks kev

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