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Thread: Tikka t3 6.5swede scope choice

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    Tikka t3 6.5swede scope choice

    Hey guys, just purchased a t3 6.5 swede today, undecided what magnification scope to purchase. 2x7 or 3x9. My main use will be hunting pigs on foot in thick scrub and deer stalking terrain unknown. Haven't been to the property yet. I think its both open fields and scrub.
    I have a 1x4 for shooting both eyes open. And 3x9 on my others. I find I rarely go over 6x what does everyone else like?

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    Burris 2-7x35 E1 Ballistic Plex. I am putting one on my new Tikka T3 Lite 7mm-08.

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    Agreed. A quality 2-7X would be a good choice.~Muir

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    I recommend the best of both...pick a quality 2.5-10 Scope

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    X3 , It's nice to be able drop it down to two power for anything up close and seven power is plenty for shooting at any sane distances . I prefer a good 2-7 over most variable's , although I might give your 1X4 some serious thought . I use fixed four powers on a lot of my rifles and have never felt that I needed more magnification for how I hunt , but that's just me , your conditions are probably different than mine .


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    comp 3 aimpoint ? eyes wide open

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    I use a 2.5-10x on my deer rifle -- but it's never been off 6x.

    I've never hunted pigs/boar, but I suspect I'd be more interested in the low end than the high, so failing a 2.5-10x I'd probably go with the 2-7x.


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    I have a Tikka T3 Hunter with a 2-7x variable. I love it. Enough eye relief and FOV for the kind of mixed timber/open landscapes I encounter while hunting.

    40 years ago a long range scope was a 4x.

    Bonus is a 2-7x scope is much more compact and doesn't ruin the lines or handling of a hunting rifle.

    Leave the high powered scopes to the long range target guys. I know hunters who own stupid large variables and yet they never leave 4x or 6x setting.

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    I have a Zeiss Duralyt 2-8x on my .308 Tikka T3, and it seems to be just fine for me. The 8X will do the long range stuff and the 2X is very good close by and with both eyes open. I also got extra low mounts for it so I can swing it to my face and be ready to fire like a shotgun, no neck craning needed. Of course sitting stalked out waiting for a long range shot might want a higher powered scope, but if I can't hit it with the 8X I won't shoot, it is too far. A similar powered Schmidt Bender might be even better but will cost a bit more.

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    Thanks for the input everyone, I think I've got my mind made up on a 2x7
    now just gotta get the funds past the handbrake!


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