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Thread: Data from hornady manual??

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    Data from hornady manual??

    A bit cheeky but....
    would anyone be prepared to let me have the load data from the hornady manual of:

    .308 150grn hornady interlock (the flat base one) with varget

    i only have the lyman guide and it doesn't have this particular bullet in its data.

    many thanks,

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    start load is 35.9 gr gives you around 2300 fps
    max load is 44.9 gr gives you around 2700 fps.
    That's was the Hornady book show. I load 150 gr over 46 gr of Varget and no pressure signs. It shoots very nice groups of 0.5 inch at 100 meters.
    You need to play around a little to find the sweet spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    Perfect, thanks!
    When you run short of Varget (or sell the stuff and make a huge profit) you can use IMR 4064. I'm using this in my 308 with the 150 grain Interlock loaded to spec length and shooting bug hole groups.~Muir

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    I have found the best loads for the .308 with IMR-4064 to be the same as Varget.

    The 150-gr SST with 45.5 grains is just over MAX for the Hornady manual, but shoots every shot on top on the other with Varget or 4064, from several of my bolt action rifles and my friends' Kimber and Ruger M77 Scout.

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    tr140 at under 60/kilo.... it's just the right choice

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