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Thread: Deer Stalking Diary?

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    Deer Stalking Diary?

    I have a game book and enjoy keeping it up to date and looking back at what has happened over the years.

    Can anyone recommend a stalking diary? Something to record trips out and whats shot? I know I could use a blank book, but sometimes its nicer to have a formatted one.

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    G4ema hunting ap. It logs your movements and kills via gps on a map and all info stored on the website so you can review your trips. It also keeps a gamebook for you.
    Or "i hunt" i think its called but thats iphone only

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    Is G4 ema the Basc one or Mark Gihlcrist which one do you use
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    G4ema is Mark Gilchrists. I use this. My mate uses i hunt.

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    Thanks guys, I'll take a look - but I was more looking for a paper one, old school of me I know - but I prefer something on the bookcase than in the ether somewhere.

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    Have a look at I have a Stalking Journal produced by them it has every column you want in it list of species calibre of rifle etc etc etc. They are great to deal with.Wf1

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    I cannot see anything on there website wf1?

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    Here it is http://www.fineshootingaccessories.c...lking-journal/ nice but it bit rich for me.

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    I cannot see anything on there website wf1?

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    i use

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Deer Diary<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    on the app store and keep a electronic log on my phone

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    I use John Humphrey's "The Country Sportsman's Journal" . I use it for stalking, game shooting or wild fowling. They are becoming hard to come by recently so when I found one the other week I bought another. ATB

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