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Thread: Gun Insurance

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    Gun Insurance


    What companies are you guys using to insure your rifles and shot guns?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hiscox, as part of household insurance.

    Firearms, self-employed, working from home all no problem with them when everyone else threw their hands up in horror.

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    Have a look at your house insurance policy. There'll be a limit on individual items before they have to be itemised separately. Possibly something around £1,500. Also check what is covered whilst away from the house. You may just find you have the cover you want already.

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    I told my insurance company that I had a shotgun worth £10,000 (Beretta Jubilee) and they immediately informed me that they would no longer insure me even if I insured that gun with someone else separately. They therefore cancelled my policy within 48hrs as they considered that with an item of that value in the house I was at a high risk of being burgled? The lady was adamant, despite me explaining that people didn't know that I had it and that it was in a locked gun cabinet that was bolted to the wall.
    Just be careful guys because if you do have something valuable and your house gets burgled without you declaring it in advance these insurance companies will try and wriggle their way out of paying even if the high value item wasn't stolen.
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    Bluefin sporting gun insurance insured at home and while in use and £500 of clothing £210 quite a bit of dollar but I couldn't afford to replace thousands of pounds of rifle scope mod shottys binos Ect

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    Co Op insurance, the house contents are with them and they have an itemised list of guns and scopes with all serial numbers and value. They never batted any eye when I asked and were more than helpful sorting it all out.

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    NFU. They are named items that are insured out of my home specifically.
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    As soon as I mentioned an SO6 and the price home insurance don't want to touch it, I will give some of the above a try thanks.

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    Try Esure, i have been insured with them for past 2 years, for the sum of under £200 and thats including all my air rifles, rimfires, centrefire and shotguns in and out of the house. As you have found out most housing insurance will distance themselves from you as soon as you mention sgc or fac but my dearest item is only insured for £2500. try try and try again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RPA.260 View Post
    As soon as I mentioned an SO6 and the price home insurance don't want to touch it, I will give some of the above a try thanks.
    Please could you report back as to how you got on and rough cost RPA. I am watching this with interest!

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