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    Anschutz 1451

    Hi i have seen 1 of these for sale but dont no much about them. Anyone shed any light? I have a cz 452 varmint at the moment but want a light .22

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    Anyone? Are anschutz better than cz?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan71 View Post
    Anyone? Are anschutz better than cz?
    I have an Anschutz, which I think is 1451 sort barreled .22 rifl,e which I purchased second hand for about 450 about 5 years ago. I It seems to shoot accurately and is easy to shoot. The only negatives for me have been that to take the bolt out, one has to press the trigger AND the button next to the bolt, which I didn't think was very intuitive, and that one of the magazines does not seem to fit very well and sometimes a round does not cycle properly.

    I have shot CZ at the Gun Club and the impression I get from talking to people is that CZ is more robust but Anschutz more accurate.

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    The Anschutz 1415 is a very nice rifle and usually very accurate no doubt due to it's target shooting heritage. Unfortunately this can work against it sometimes as the chambers are normally tight and it can often be difficult to extract unfired rounds without the use of a knife. The other design "fault" if you can call it that is that the safety does not lock the bolt and this can lift slightly when being carried and results in failures to fire due to the bolt not being fully home when the rifle is lifted quickly to the shoulder from the slung position and the safety dis-applied ( if there is such a word).

    The CZ on the other hand was probably designed from the outset as a sporting rifle rather than a target rifle and while not built to such tight tolerances does the job well and is what I would call a more practical and hard wearing rifle.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    So would you go for cz or anschutz? My cz is very heavy and i wouldnt say accuracy is as good as i would like. But if there aint much in it then i will stick with what i have.

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    I quite like Anschutz rifles as no one can dispute their accuracy or quality but they don't shoot that much better than a CZ and the CZ is the more practical option in my humble opinion but hey we all have different tastes.
    Incidentally I picked up a new rifle for the rifle club on Friday that is basically a CZ varmint. The rifle was altered by HPS TR Ltd and is similar to their cadet rifle but with a different stock. Jon Carmichael who is the owner of the company tells me that they were intending to replace the CZ barrels initially but they found that the factory barrels shot every bit as good as the barrels that would have replaced them. My own CZ varmint will shoot a group that can be covered by a single small patch at 100 yards with the right ammo so I know that his claim is true.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I have a 1451 and it is very accurate, light, pretty and a joy to shoot. It works best with match grade ammo like eley how ever mine prefers RWS subs. I have put a few thousand rounds through it over the last two years and had only one misfire, no extraction problems and no magazine issues. The bolt handle is small but very quiet to operate. The rifle fitted with scope, bipod, mod and lamp is still light and very easy to carry. Walnut stock looks great and I removed the original iron sights so it looks cleaner. Some might not get on with it as it is a small rifle but personally I find it the perfect size for a rimfire.

    CZ shoot well enough and it is probably more robust if your going to be bashing it around!? However my Annie cost me 300 (v good condition) and quite frankly, for accuracy and looks you won't find anything that comes close at that price.

    Which ever you choose I'm sure it'll give you the same end result.

    All the best,


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