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Thread: My dacshund on a trail

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    My dacshund on a trail

    Hopefully this link will work. I set a scent trail of only two hours old, using a combination of hoofs attached to walking sticks, approx 20ml of blood, also dabbed a cape on the ground every 20 yards with 5ml of blood. The trail was approx 110 yards. the leading dacshunds is capable of greater less scent but showing my newbie ropes. I aunt the best but learning. Bloody hard holding a camera. I decided to use this location as roe go in there each evening and wanted to try laying a trail on leafs etc.

    Hope the link worked, if not I'll keep trying.....

    Apoligies, for some reason its taking ages to up load on youtube.

    at last, I've done better tracks but wanted to get something up on here. Will make this more of a regular thing now as I have time during each week so watch this space as from next week.
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    Weeman, I can't view it on Youtube. It said its private. You have to change the settings to make it public. Looking forward to see it.

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    Its on public setting but taking bloody ages to upload for some reason, computers aint my strong point in life

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    Still trying to upload but not coming up as private. I'll leave it a couple of hours and check back.

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    Sorted to view, at last.

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    Good video. I don't know anything about training a dog to track, yet , so it was interesting for me. Just one thing though. When you said "heel" neither you or the dog did anything. If you give a command make sure the dog does what it's told to or you are in a position to make the dog do what you told it to.

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    Good job wee man. When tracking with mine, they only hear one word so they know they must start tracking seriously. Dog has plenty of potential. I try to drag through thickets which allows me to let go of lead and pick up again on other side.

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    Nice Vid. The main thing you do wrong when the pup is tracking is keep talking to the pup. Just give the command to track and then STFU. When the pup finds the skin, hoof thats the time to give all the praise. The pup shows great promise, owner needs more training

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    well done martin pups grown up since i seen it keep at it pal,atb doug,

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    Cheers for the replies all taken on board. It was, well turned into a bit of a rush as was called out via work. Next video I'll demonstrate what I would normally do etc.... Stalked with a chap other week, Truely enjoyed watching how he worked his dog commands but seen a great understanding.
    Next video next week wil be better.

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