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    Hi guys

    considering getting a 223 and was wondering what 500 would get me ? Second hand

    And what would be a good choice ?

    Was thinking x bolt or t3 etc


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    Hi, I was in the same situation a few years ago, I was torn between a tikka and a x-bolt. In the end I went with the tikka because I had spoken to a couple of people who had experienced problems with the xbolt. I love my tikka and will probibly never sell it, and if you speak to someone who doesn't like tikkas, they normally have never owned one. Just a thought though, for 500 you could buy a new browning A bolt, they are meant to be excellent guns for the money.

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    Yeh I already have a t3 and xbolt in 243 and 308. Like them both but the t3 has the edge.

    Also seen howa 1500 for similar money

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    I have a Tikka 223 with a 1-10" twist in my cabinet. I've see the tops of prairiedog heads taken off at over 300 yards with it. It shoots. No surprise though. My other Tikka's shoot well above their price tags.~Muir.

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