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Thread: Scope problem help please

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    Scope problem help please

    Hi all, its the time of year when I'm asked to get on with the rabbit clearance, so out come the rimfire's, as usual the dial's on the parallax and zoom nobs are tighter than ever, the scopes are old but the best I've ever found for day and night use and have had a lot of use, as I use add on NV. So does anyone know what if any kind of lubricant I could try, bearing in mind it would maybe have to be a spray as the seals are captivated, and possibly neoprene? any help would be appreciated. cheers

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    Neoprene seals and o-rings are lubricated with a special light grease, in which they are packaged.
    You might go to a plumbing supply house and find a little tube of it, as plumbers have to clean and lubricated washerless faucets when they rebuild them.

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    If it has to be a spray, silicone is probably best. Compatible with neoprene, nitrile and viton (the later two being the most common o-ring materials).

    Petroleum jelly is also compatible (and is probably similar to the plumbing stuff Southern mentions). But obviously not a spray.


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    I have used silicone car dash spray before but have never tried on a scope

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