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Thread: Complete Lee Anniversary reloading kit

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    Complete Lee Anniversary reloading kit


    A complete Lee Anniversary reloading kit with a Redding tumbler ,digital callipers(Halfords) and case tray.

    Kit includes:

    • Lee Breech Lock Challenger O-frame Reloading Press
    • Lee Precision Breech lock quick change bushing perfect powder measure w/stand
    • Lee Precision Powder funnel
    • Lee Precision Case trimmer
    • Lee Precision Chamfer tool
    • Lee Precision Safety powder scale
    • Lee Precision Primer pocket cleaner
    • Lee Precision Tube of premium sizing lube
    • Lee Precision Large and small safety prime and primer pocket cleaning tool

    The whole kit is a year old and I have reload less that 100 rounds through it.

    I would suggest collection from West Susses or London(during the week days) due to the weight.

    Looking for 80

    pm for photos or if you have any questions
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    PM replied to, no probe meeting when you are down.


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