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Thread: Leupold VX1 4-12x40

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    Leupold VX1 4-12x40

    Leupold VX1 4-12x40 gloss finish,boxed with all papers and cloth, a good solid scope at home on CF, RF or airgun. This scope has friction turrets and has always held zero on every gun it's been mounted on.
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    Hi, could you please confirm what reticle this has?



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    Hi Guy,
    The scope is fitted with the leupold standard duplex reticle, if you have a look on the Leupold web site there will be some good pictures.
    As a side note I've noticed that the box lid doesn't match the scope, I must have got them mixed up and sold it some time ago, this in no way affects the scope or it's warranty (lifetime).

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    Many thanks. Seriously tempted. I don't like rushing into things so I'll give it some thought over the next day or two.

    Best wishes


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    What is the minimum parallax distance please? 100yds? I ask, as you mention air rifles.

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    These scopes are non adjustable parallax fixed at the factory for 100yds I think, but they can be reset for airgun ranges, lots of instructions on the web.

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    A nice scope are you open to offers ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by topscots1 View Post
    A nice scope are you open to offers ?
    Sorry mate, but because I've included postage with the price I'm after the asking price.

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    All PM's answered.

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    scope sold

    Scope now sold

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