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    Hi Chaps thinking of getting a freelander TD4 van for work and for the hobby?anyone know if there ok only I have heard a few bad reports

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    My wife had one that was an absolute dog. Costly jobs with injectors slave cylinders turbo etc would stop me from ever getting another.

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    I had a good TD4 52pkate until it reached 150k then it went wrong, really wrong..,,

    Up and to that point regular servicing, rear diff mounts and replacement window winding mechanisms were frequent repairs.

    I will will add it was really good on diesel, 35+ MPG on a long motorway run etc -


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    Engine is fine, car is made from cheese.

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    Land Rover in general are known for being unreliable. Many people won't have one at any price after bad experiences. That reputation, it has to be said is not without foundation. Although newer ones are a different kettle of fish. But they ain't cheap.

    My own experiences are a 2000 Disco (about as reliable as a politician's promises), an '04 Disco (much better) and currently a '10 Disco (excellent).

    I've known a few people with the TD4 Freelander. It is the best in it's class at offroading but the down side is the greater possibility of big bills if things go wrong. Japanese offerings of a similar age and size offer better reliability but aren't so good offroad. So it depends on your usage really.

    To be honest, despite being A Land Rover fan, for a vehicle of that type and age, I'd go oriental.

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    Freelander 2's are the most reliable 4X4's available... FACT. The owner of SHB Hire is on paper saying that ALL LR vehicles are more reliable than their Toyota fleet... He should know, he has 800 of each.

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    Aye, but he's after a Freelander 1.

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    F1's are OK but 2's are better... Ever seen a rusty F1?

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    They might not rust, but the cheese holding bits on seems to fail and bits fall off. Like door handles.

    Lets face it, they`re pish

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    Lovely to drive when you can drive them. Fantastic engine(td4) Everything else *****. ****E.
    Alright then WHOOPSIE.

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