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Thread: Has anyone ever encountered the 7x75R Super Express vom Hofe?

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    Has anyone ever encountered the 7x75R Super Express vom Hofe?

    Hello everyone. In the course of my research into drillings, I've come across a brak-action rifle calibre with a fantastic name, the 7x75 Rimmed Super Express vom Hofe. I understand it's a very powerful round, but outside of my specialist book on drillings, I can't find anything about it. It's not mentioned in the Lee reloading book that has some pretty obscure stuff in it, nor in any of my other reference works. Has anyone here ever heard of it, seen it, shot it, or had any interaction with it at all? A round with a name that great surely deserves a chance!

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    I had a 7 x 57R over and under double rifle a long time ago but have never heard of a 7 x 75R calibre.

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    I've never encountered it myself but have seen several mentions of it in reloading manuals. The Lee manual only really covers cartridges that are common in the U.S. and some, not all, of the more common European cartridges that have made their way across the water.
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    It's a proprietary cartridge more usually designated as the 7mm Vom Hofe Super Express ('7mm V.H.S.E.'). Google should deliver more info with that search argument.

    You're kidding expecting to find anything so exotic in the Lee Manual.

    Hirtenberger Patronenfabrik loaded this. 5.6 x 61 VHSE is much more common.

    Just looked it up in my Dynamit Nobel 'Wiederladen' manual which has RWS loading data, and a comprehensive description in technical German. It's about 7x65R in potential (sub 7x64 Brenneke) and not as powerful as the 7mm Rem Mag.

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    Yes. Seen them in France. Eric Briano at Armurerie Briano in Paris had ammunition in stock.

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    Quickload lists it. A 140-grain bullet will do around 3,000 FPS (3,720 FPE) at the muzzle. (That is, about 100 FPS more than a regular 7x57, but using about 27% more powder). I can see why they're not commonly encountered.
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    2,572 name though

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    Jim, I agree, it's a very cool name.

    I checked my book again, and the author mentioned that when it was launched, it promised spectacular performances in terms of velocity, distance, etc, which don't seem to be matched by reality. If it's about the same as 7x65R in practice, which seems surprising for such a massive cartridge, then it doesn't really have much point to it.

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    There has been a bit on the 7x75R Vom Hoffe on Nitroexpress, Accuratereloading and Double Gun Forum's in their single shot and combination gun sections. Cases are formed from 9.3x74r cases - necked down to 7mm, and in performance its just a bit below 7mm Rem Mag terratory. Yes more powder / more noise etc for a bit more velocity, in exactly the sameway that 7x64 and 280 doing pretty much what the 7mm rem mag do, or the 30-06 to 300 win mag.

    Its a reloading proposition and once you have 50 or a 100 cases then you are set up for a good long time. 7x65r is very nice and relatively easy to get ammo and cases for, although you have to order them in. I don't think I would choose a 7x75r over a 7x65r, but if you are looking at one and its at the right price then could well be worth a closer look. Weren't there a coule in the recent Holts Auction? Haven't seen what they went for, but suspect if the had been in 7x65R they might have gone for a bit more.

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