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Thread: Ilse of Arran

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    Ilse of Arran

    Well we are here and all booked in ready for action on the 1st Stag week. The weather is a little warm for my liking but hey ho, you need to be in it to win it. We went for a quick drive and saw a good number of hinds with a Big stag rounding them up. I gave it a call and he replied very upset. Fingers crossed we all get lucky.

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    I love Arran
    Where are you staying ?

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    keep us informed feller ,to all the gang have a great time .

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoop View Post
    I love Arran
    Where are you staying ?
    We are in a B&B in Brodick smack bang in the middle of it all.

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    Don't shoot them all!! I'll be there next week!!


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    Cheers Paul will keep you guys update.
    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    keep us informed feller ,to all the gang have a great time .

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    Just got back in from a BBQ or as we call it BRAAI!!! Had a good catch up and a laugh. Off to bed now Stuffed with steak and chips!!!

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    Arrived on the island and went for a drive , did not see any deer until we got to Lochcranza . There we saw a group of 4 hinds and three calfs. Heard distant stags
    roaring and suddenly the stag in charge of this small harem appeared. He was surprisingly small for a red stag no bigger than a fallow buck. He was a very confident stag, roaring back to the distant stags. All this within 15 metres of the car and passers by.

    His confidence around humans obviously makes up for his lack of statue, he's managed to sire offspring in the safety of the town of Lochranza, whilst his much bigger rivals roar away outside of town and spend the nights alone!

    Interesting to see if his offspring will develop as smaller but much more versatile suburban red deer.
    Anyway looking forward to tomorrow's first week on the stags on the basc arran scheme

    As we leave Lochranza counted another 20 odd stags and 15 odd hinds
    lying around on the golf course.

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    Unfortunately that side of the island is private you may not see them so easily on the forestry commission side
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    Always something deer like on that golf course, it will be a little more like hard work inland!
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