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Thread: Help Gaining Experience Please

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    Help Gaining Experience Please

    Hello all, I'm wondering if any of you Scotland based people cold give me a hand. I was hopefully going to go to Thurso college to study gamekeeping this year, with the chance of a placement on Islay. However I dislocated my shoulder in May so that ruled out going to college even if I was offered a place. After several incredibly boring months of physio and recovery, my shoulder is as good as its going to get and fingers crossed it won't happen again. I'm now a bit stuck for ways to fill my time as I live in quite a remote area and can't legally drive yet. I was wondering if anyone would consider taking me on, just for a week or two, as a work experience student, assistant etc... I can most likely travel anywhere in Scotland (with the exception of some of the islands maybe). I have been stalking since I was 7 and have shot a few deer. I'm 17 and have got experience in driving quad bikes, argocats and 4x4 buggies (Polaris, JCB etc). I'm in the middle of sorting both my provisional driving license and my FAC/SGC. I'm not at all fussed whether I'm shooting or just dragging, gralloching etc. I just want to get away from home for a few weeks and do something constructive towards my future. I wouldn't ask for much at all in the way of pay, just somewhere to stay maybe or enough money to cover the cost of accommodation. I've been told I'm quite good company and I'm relatively bright, I have 8 standard grades/Intermediate 2/National 5's ranging from A to C and four Highers ranging from A to C. My stalking experience is off open hill red and roe, and forestry red and sika, and I also have a bit of experience in foxing, rabbit and hare shooting and beating for pheasant and partridge. If you think you or anyone you know can help please contact me.


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    Euan, great to see someone who is obviously genuine and keen, however posting your phone number and email on an open forum isn't a good idea mate. . Lots of crazy mofoz out there.

    Good luck with your search.

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    I'd take your phone number off as people can view this as a guest. Just my two cents

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