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Thread: generic screw-in lens covers

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    generic screw-in lens covers

    Hi all

    I'm aware that swarovski and leupold do their own aluminium screw-in lens covers, but they seem very expensive for what they are.

    Has anyone located a source of unbranded covers for a better price? I'm thinking that the Chinese must be banging out a decent copy :-)

    I'm looking to protect the lenses on a swarovski z6i and an older habicht.



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    Might be worth trying a proper photography shop in the second hand boxes. Moons ago there were quite a few screw in lens covers.


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    Thanks for the suggestion. My research suggests that a lot of cheaper scopes like hawke, nikko and mtc offer these as standard accessories from new. Can't believe the top 3 aren't offering them, especially with the quality issues with butler creeks.


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