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    Just a hello

    Hi all, hopefully doing some stalking or trying at least, brief intro, but I've shooting since about 9 and god help me i'm 43 now so a few years. DSC1 as of a few years ago but haven't really worried about doing alot of stalking as other things in life took precedent I guess, but now seems about right to hopefully start more of it.
    Lived in Aussie for a few years and used most calibres from 22 thru to 375 mainly 'roo and pigs mixed with the normal rabbits and foxes. Was in Spain for awhile too and always after their boar aswell. Past years over here and have stuck with the 22 or 12g and topped the pot up with rabbits and so on. Now based in the Southwest just put the 30-06 on the ticket and have some permission here and some Highland land if needed. So hopefully this year will be a good start to "proper stalking".

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    Hi Nick well travelled to say the least,
    look forward to seeing your posts welcome


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