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Thread: membership levels

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    membership levels

    I think this has been asked before but I can't find the thread now.

    What do the following member descriptions actually mean?...
    Senior member
    Junior member


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    Forum posts set the levels. The numbers are set by the admin. Probably change the names to something like muntie, roe, sika, red when they get round to it.Jim

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    Found the original thread thanks to the "similar thread" tool. I'm puzzled by description "Banned" though.


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    banned is bannned
    wether it be your parents telling you that you can't smoke in the lounge or bringing a piece of ass back home to your room
    on here it is members that are banned from being a member for various reasons that Admin can only answer
    can't be any simpler than that

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    Sorry,to clarify what is puzzling me is a post which has the word Banned underneath where on other posts it has senior member etc.
    Is it to indicate they have been banned in the past or what?.Maybe not quite as simple as you said.

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    Hi Fraser,

    Can you give a link to an example of this please? If a user is banned it should say banned under their name for every post, unless there is an issue with the software that I need to look at....



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    I don't think there is an issue with the software Alex, there is a members name that appears with the word banned underneath it that's because he is banned and was since the new site started. I assume that if anyone else is banned then it will also appear under their name. On the old site there were no rankings etc so the junior / senior member stuff is new to this site, as is the word banned that did not appear on the old site either so did not carry over.

    So PF to answer your question Stone is right, I can't believe I just wrote that!, anyway a members status is governed by how many posts he has made or if if he has been banned, it will clearly indicate his status under his name what it is.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hello John, I'm trying to work out how to pm on this new set-up...having a dense moment.
    Can you advise please.


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    Go to the top of the page where it says private messages, click on that and all will be revealed.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks John, got it now and my other half has pointed out that if you put the mouse pointer over the members name on the post it can be done that way too. She knows all her strengths and most of my weaknesses!.
    Apologies to all repliers.. I didn't notice that the post which started me off was August last year so the poster must have been banned since then and the post revived recently.
    Anyway,matter closed for me and thanks for the help.
    I think I'm dooomed to struggle a bit with this technology but I'll get there.


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