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Thread: Urgent(ish) advice required: dry neck lube vs carpet!

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    Urgent(ish) advice required: dry neck lube vs carpet!

    I dropped a pot of dry neck lube on a carpet ( not mine!)
    I've hoovered up most ( thankfully it didnt blow right through the bag!) but have a monster stain left behind.
    Any ideas on how to clean it up?

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    What kind of dry lube? Graphite or moly or????~Muir

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    Verbatim off the tin...

    Imperial dry neck lube
    for lubricating case necks
    imperial lubricants
    a product of redding reloading equipment

    I think it's only graphite

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    thanks. Would there be anything else added or is it just neat graphite, like pencil dust?

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    No clue! I don' t use dry lube myself. Email Redding for a copy of the "MSDS". They will know what you're talking about: the "material safety data sheet". They must supply it per request. It will tell you what it in it.~Muir

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    When does the wife get up?

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