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Thread: Rugar 10/22 or Browning T Bolt for LH rabbit shots?

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    Rugar 10/22 or Browning T Bolt for LH rabbit shots?

    I was dead set on a Ruger 10/22 for my rabbit hunting but some felt the side ejection would be a problem for me as a left handed shooter

    I wanted the auto as i felt I could probably pot three or four rabbits at once with an auto but stoping to reload would likley reduce that

    So I looked at the Browning T Bolt in LH as it was cost effective and seemed a fast way to reload

    Any thaughts?



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    Have a look at the Browning Buckmark,much better auto than the 10-22 and top ejection.

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    I haven't played with a left handed T Bolt, but the RH one is very nice. I too am left handed, but have an old customised Brno - fine on the range or off the bipod but when out rabbit shooting off sticks having the bolt on the wrong side is a pain in the proverbial.

    The Cz 452 LH American is worth looking at, so to is the Anchutz, but to my eyes they are a bit clunky looking, but beautifully made and shoot well. I wish Sako would make a left handed 22 Finfire.

    or if you want a straight pull, get a Blaser r93 with the 22lr barrel and conversion kit. Add a deer calibre as well and then wonder why your kids are starving and you have no funds to pay for the fuel to go out hunting.
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    i have a rh t bolt and its a superb gun, best rimfire ive ever owned

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    Semi auto can be considered by some to be more noisy than a BA rifle - plus you have brass all over the shop. Don't overlook Savage for a LH option for a 22RF - good experiences with them in rimfire and centrefire.
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    I have always had problems with the 10/22 rotary mag so I now use a 25 shot banana mag. Brilliant. Noisier than a BA as already stated but still great. Never shot it left handed though.

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    Once you master a leftie bolt you don't need a semi auto .. Quieter, more reliable ... And damn quick once you tubed in with it .... Still think a night rabbiting wi a.22 is one of the most under rated nights sport going

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    Quote Originally Posted by unicorn71 View Post
    Have a look at the Browning Buckmark,much better auto than the 10-22 and top ejection.

    I looked at thease but hated the design of the stock

    Perhaps I should be less of a kit tart



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    Yep, handsome is as handsome does. The Browning SA22 bottom ejects by the way.


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    I have used a 10/22 left handed a lot over the years and it was never an issue, the cases flying out the right hand side that is. I just never noticed - well not until the odd hot case shoots up your sleeve and burns your arm....................oh the joys of being left handed.

    The rotary mags were a pain though, I prefered the 10 shot stick ones made by Butler Creek.

    I am not that much slower with my LH CZ bolt action .22 - and at least I take the time to aim properly with it, not just blaze away as I am sometimes tempted to do with the 10/22.


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