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Thread: sako forest mauser 98 ring/base ID help

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    sako forest mauser 98 ring/base ID help

    anyone able to ID the mounting system on this early sako forest (pre forester)..on commercial FN 98 action.

    I have one but with no ring system, just the bottom bases. I'm thinking of chucking the bases instead of a swing system recknagel, but am curious what the original system was and if the top 1 piece ring system is still available 'out there'.



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    IIRC, FN Mausers used a #45 weaver base...(it's early here, and I'm going off memory; so be warned).

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    I'm unsure whether these are Weaver bases, but they could be if there's a bevel on the dovetail, and a cross pin slot. It's hard to see from the side view. I had several sets installed on Heym SR20's (which though 'modified' M98 mausers use the standard mauser receiver ring & rear bridge.

    The rear bridge is lower than the receiver ring so takes a different mount block - from memory #46 (plus #45 as MPM1 says). If these are Weaver then all sorts of ring makes will fit.
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    these are not dove tailed, they have square sides and expect a spigot type of locking mechanism to slot down from above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    these are not dove tailed, they have square sides and expect a spigot type of locking mechanism to slot down from above.


    I have some strange looking bits of rings in my tool box, not saying they are from a Mauser but they are like nothing i have here so if they are of any use ill send them up.

    pics later as im of to Germany this weekend.

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